Online Worship

Sunday Worship 

Join us live online

9.30am Holy Communion via Facebook (requires membership of Facebook)

9.30am Holy Communion via Zoom (see Zoom access instructions below)

11.00am Choral Matins via Facebook (requires membership of Facebook)

11.00am Choral Matins via Zoom (see Zoom access instructions below)


Join us live online

8.00am Morning Prayer via Facebook (requires membership of Facebook)

8.00am Morning Prayer via Zoom (see Zoom access instructions below)

Join us live

5.00pm Evening Prayer via Facebook (requires membership of Facebook)

5.00pm Evening Prayer via Zoom (see Zoom access instructions below)


Zoom access instructions
If you've not used Zoom before don't worry, it's amazingly simple.
1. Follow the Zoom link next to the service you wish to join.
3: The Zoomlauncher.exe should open automatically but you may need to be patient (if it takes a long time follow the instructions on screen)
4. Click on the launcher to open it and then click 'run'.
5. This will take you straight to our 'webinar' (service).
6. Enter your email.
7. Click the green button in the centre of your screen.
8. Make sure that your 'Mute microphone' and 'Mute camera' buttons (bottom lefthand corner) are switched on (they should have a red line through the image of the microphone and the camera). 
9. Have a little experiment with the two screens. You can toggle between them.
Once you've downloaded the launcher once it's even easier to join a 'meeting' again - so why not get set up in advance so you know you're all straight you want to join us?